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Living God's Word, Serving in Love

When we gather together to worship, we receive God’s gifts.  The focus of our Worship Service is not on what we do, but what God does for us.   In the Worship Service we receive the forgiveness of sins freely by the work of Jesus Christ.  We learn from the Lord as He teaches us with the Bible.  We sing songs with meaningful substantive words to enrich us in our lives.  We eat and drink His body and blood as He commanded us.  God is the one who acts when we come together in His Holy Name.

Before, during, and after the Worship Service we enrich, strengthen, and encourage one another.    Before the service there is time to meet and gather in our Welcome Center.  We encourage each other during the service with our collective prayer and praise.  After the service, there is time to meet with one another in friendship.

You are welcome to join us for worship on Sunday mornings at 8am and 11am and Thursday evenings at 7pm.  We also have a Bible Study hour at 9:30am on Sunday mornings.  Coffee and light refreshments are available before and during the Bible Study hour.  For the month of July we will join for Bible Study at 9:00 am and in worship at 10:00am.