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Living God's Word, Serving in Love

Fall 2021 Bible Studies

Part of our worship life at Guardian is focused on getting into the Word of God.  Adult Bible Study is held each Sunday between services from 9:30-10:30 am.

Children are also encouraged to focus on the Word of God while attending Sunday School which starts in the Fellowship Hall and breaks out into age appropriate groups in specific rooms in the church and school. 

Coffee, tea, and light refreshments are served during the Bible Study hour.

Fall 2021 Bible Studies

The Family Project

Why do families work?
Because God Himself designed them! 

The Family Project is a 12 session DVD experience for parents that explores the theological, philosophical, and cultural underpinnings of the traditional family, and combines that information with inspiring stories and practical tools to help 21st-century families thrive. Join us in the Parlor every Sunday at 9:30 am.  Nate Belongia will be leading the discussion.  Learn more about The Family Project

Foundations of Faith--The Augsburg Confession

Join Pastor Mews as he leads a deep dive into understanding this foundational component of the Christian faith.

Teach, Believe, Confess (TBC)

In this class, taught by a Pastor, using Martin Luther’s Small Catechism, we learn about God’s Grace given to us.  It is designed to introduce or refresh your perspectives of faith through the Lutheran understanding of the Bible, creation, salvation, Jesus, grace, faith, etc.  This class will lay the groundwork for a greater discovery of our walk with the Lord, and upon completion, will also serve as a means by which you may choose to join our congregation through a confirmation of faith.  Those wishing to join our church family and current members are welcome to attend!  


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