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Living God's Word, Serving in Love


Our Citizenship is in Heaven!

March 20, 2019
By Pastor Ramthun

Philippians 3:20 “But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.”

              We are blessed as God’s children to have “Our Father who art in heaven” and in this world to daily remember that we are “Children of the Heavenly Father.”  As we go through life with all the struggles and suffering and joys and challenges we can find peace and comfort in our Lord Jesus Christ!  We are headed home to heaven to be with Jesus and all the saints for eternity!  Knowing that certain future helps us to live in the present! In Philippians chapter 3, Paul gives us three reminders to help us along life’s way.

  1. KEEP OUR EYES ON THE FAITHFUL EXAMPLES AROUND US- There has been a “cloud of witnesses” that has gone before us and continues to be around us.  Listening and learning from the “seasoned” believers is a great way to keep focused on God and His Word and His Ways!  Together as a fellowship of believers we can stay empowered and equipped for battle.  Ours is the victory in Christ!
  2. BE AWARE OF THE ENEMIES…KEEP OUR HEARTS AND MINDS ON CHRIST- There are a lot of things for our minds and hearts to look at in this world.  The “enemies of the cross” are focused on themselves and do not see our Savior who went to the cross for our salvation.  We can tend to be self-absorbed and let our pride veer away from the continual learning and studying of God’s Word.  
  3. STAND FIRM IN THE LORD- The apostle Paul used the “stand firm” phrase over forty times in his writings.  We can stand in the strength in which the Lord gives!  It is not in us or the world, but only in our Triune God’s Word and promises.  Romans 12:12 reminds us to “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, and constant in prayer.”  We have a glorious future and in the meantime may God continue to give us the spirit to live in His grace and be lights to His Word in this world!

“Exercise daily:  Run from the devil, walk with Jesus.”