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God's Peace Every Day

December 17, 2018
By Pastor Ramthun

God’s Peace Every Day!
Philippians 4:7 “And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

  Are you finding plenty of peace during the busy months of December?  Our days and lives can become quite hectic and filled with so many activities that an evening or an hour to just relax and have some peace and quiet seems difficult.  Other times of the year can also be so busy that we struggle to find some peace.  As God’s children we can daily enjoy the peace that comes from His grace and promises that we have received in Christ Jesus! A few suggestions:

  • Pause- Make some time in your schedules to slow down and relax.  As the days can become so filled with activities and things that have to get done, we fail to just step back and reflect and collect ourselves before moving on.
  • Pray- Making timing to be in God’s Word and making time to talk with God each and every day helps us stay connected to our source of strength and peace.  There are many resources and devotions available that focus on the promises of God’s Word that keep us prayerful and empowered for the day’s tasks.
  • Patience- Praying for patience as we deal with tasks and people is beneficial.  We can have that “gracious gentleness” as we interact and deal with those around us.  Putting the best construction on situations is helpful in being reasonable and gentle in life’s circumstances with God’s people.
  • Positivity- Paul says in Philippians to rejoice always!  That’s a tough and tall task, but it is a directive as God’s children to realize that every day is a day that the Lord has made and we can rejoice and be glad in it!  We can be a great witness in displaying the joy that comes from the Lord!
  • Proceed in peace- Keeping God’s peace in our hearts and seeking His kingdom and His will as our top priority will help is to daily live and proceed with the peace that surpasses all of our understanding.  God’s peace in Christ Jesus is what can keep our hearts and minds guarded and focused!  Thanks be to God for the peace we have in Jesus!